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Current Members
Vern Heizer, Jr. Bob Fairman Bill Mattingly Christopher Weaver
Barry L. Payne Chris Curtis Chris Cordonnier Tom Dill
Jim Hill Darrell Smith Bradley Cordonnier Tom Mills
Bart Frye Steve Bowser Randy Wakefield Curt Zahn
Doug Horner Mike Purtee Jim McComas Randy Smith
Leroy Campbell Curt Roberts Don Ward Anthony Garza
Mike Abrams Tim Anderson Ed Robertson Randy Derr
Wayne Montgomery Randy Gray Jason Foster  
Ted "Chopper" Lear Linda Kiselburgh Phil Herbert  
Names that are in BOLD Red letters are Honorary Members.
Past Members Who Helped Shape the Club
Norm Waddle Edsel Smith  Tim Robbins Steve Jordan 
Bill Bellew Kevin Smith Eddie Furr Kenny Collins
Larry Jackson Jon Griffith John Barton Eric Giertmiller
Tom Haddix      
Members Who Are in the Memory Club and Missed By All

Jerry G. Kathe

Tom Creeger

Bill Bellew              

Len Cox

Gordon Kiselbugh 

Bob Curtis

Bill Wolfe

Mike Madlinger   

Cindy McDanials Soter    

Don Smith,
Smitty's Hobby Shop


Members Names and Brief Bio

Bart Frye

I build “What if?” or “Why not?” concept cars. I like to take what the factory made, tweak it and make it even better….at least in my eyes. My head is filled with a million wild ideas and building them in scale allows me to see if it works in real life. I also have built several 1:1 cars also in my own weird way. But I must to be doing alright as no one has called me crazy yet…well, not in a bad way.

I am a big fan of all things car related from the 60s and 70s, but at times I like to throw in a modern twist in some of my builds. I like customs, factory muscle, hot rod show world cars, land speed cars and of course all drag race cars from this era. I collect a lot more than I have time to build but I just
love this stuff!

I built models when I was a kid like everyone else and then shelved that hobby for many years while chasing my musical passion until I figured out I needed this type of art therapy again. That’s
when I joined CARBS and I haven’t looked back. And what a great bunch of talented modelers to be associated with! The club just keeps getting better and better all the time with more and more new members.

When I started building models again, I was interested in competing in contests and magazine coverage and I did pretty good, but for me now the only trophies I chase is the approval of my peers. That’s more than good enough for me.

Chris Cordonnier

I have been building models since 1963. My main interest is 1/25 scale street rods, street machines, mild customs, trucks, and 60's-70's drag racing vehicles.

Bob Curtis
Age 56, married 33 years, 2 daughters 30 and 27 years old. Myself and my wife are both retired. We both grew up in the Dayton area. I build model cars, usually 30's, 40's and 50's classics. I am also collecting and building all of the Indy Pace Cars. I have been participating with CARBs for 1 1/2 years.

Vern Heizer, Jr

I started building models as a kid back in the 50’s, but lost touch as I grew older. Started working on the real cars as time went by and four years in the service with the Navy Sea Bee’s during the Vietnam Conflicts. Had a great time in the service and worked on anything that had wheels on them. Later on had a bad accident and my therapy for making my hands work was building models. I got hooked again and I have never looked back. Love going to contests and meeting old friends and I really enjoy building anything with wheels, street rods, tubs cars, motorcycles; anything that suits my fancy.

My motto in building is ‘Make it real looking, make it clean looking, and make everything to scale’.

Model building is an ART and we are all artists, but I refer to all model builders as MD’s - Miniatures Dreamers.


Jim Hill

I've been at it since 1960. My focus is on anything radically modified in 1/25 scale or larger. I can't build anything straight out of the box, it's against my nature.


Doug Horner
Owner / operator of Pop's Garage. I live in Riverside, and have been modeling for 48 years. I build lead sleds, 50's and 60's customs.
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James R. McComas (Jim)

I started building models at the age of 10. I build 1:24/1:25 scale. I like to build street rods, land yachts, nostalgia and my own custom creations.

Barry L. Payne ("Bear")

I built my first model car in 1954. It was an unassembled promo of a '54 Plymouth. For the next 3 years I built ships and planes. My step-father had been in the Navy and he got me interested in them. In 1958 I got hooked on model cars and I am still building them today. Jerry Kathe and I were a great team as model car builders, contest winners but, most of all, best friends for over 31 years.  For many years we traveled Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky competiting in model contests.  Jerry and I were cheerleaders for each other.  There were times that we would go to a contest and Jerry would take first in drag racing and I would take second.  We would take the same models to another contest where I would take frist in drag racing and he would take second.  Neither would ever get mad with the other no matter who won.  Many of the models we built were done when we were together so we already knew what would go to the next contest.  People could not believe that we were that way.  During many of the out of state contest, we would take Nancy, Jerry's wife, and Maureen, my wife and we would trun it into a a mini vacation.  The four of us would go the contest one day and the next going shopping, sight seeing or what ever we decided to do.  We had some great times together.  After Jerry passed away, I set out to form the C.A.R.B.S. in his memory.  I am proud to say it is still going strong today.  Jerry would be honored.  My thanks goes out to all the members for making this happen.

Michael L. Purtee (Mike)

I started building models when I was about 10 years old and have built off and on since then. I buile 1/24, 1/25, 1/12 and 1/8 scale cars, street rods and drag cars. I also like to customize them (mostly the street rods). I have a room in my house specifically dedicated to model building and a home-made, vented paint booth in my garage.

Edward Robertson ("Fast Eddie")

I have built model cars since I was 10 years old. I build 1/24 and 1/25 scale model cars. I also build figure kits and monster kits. I have always loved cars of all kinds.

Daryl Smith

I became a model car fan at about age four. Our father brought home two AMT '61 Thunderbird Hardtop kits, one for me and one for my younger brother. He built those kits for us overnight. We marveled at them and how cool they looked.

Through the next couple of years, I was given several Friction Motor cars. They were nice, but they didn't have the same "cool factor " as the white plastic cars. With the kits you could have it your way! I think the first model I built was a Craftsman '60 Chevy Station Wagon. I'll never forget hearing the Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand" playing on the radio while I was putting it together. After that I was hooked.

There was a period between the mid 70's and mid 90's when I didn't buy or build anything but that all changed when I met Rick Noble, who reintroduced me to the hobby. Sometime around 1996, I joined CARBs, and have been on a roll ever since. I like building stock and custom, especially cars built between 1955 and 1972.

Christopher Weaver (Don't call me "Chris")

I started building model cars at the age of six. I was aware of them before that, as I had an uncle and other older extended family members who built them as well. I like to build extreme customs and re-build old annuals. I also like old German and British cars.


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